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Poster: spark master Date: Jul 14, 2014 9:02am
Forum: artsandmusicvideos Subject: Please read and help

Hi All,

A few years back I found a web page or two done by a gent who wanted to record singing telephone poles.

Ok Ok , huh?

As the wind flows around things like utility poles/wires or even cloths lines, the object will vibrate. Kinda like a guitar string or Aoelin harp See this page for the explanation then go to you tube.

this thing is massive .

But I wander here, back to my request.

On his page he showed you his concept then how to build a "speaker" or transducer that would indeed tranfer the vibrations to sound we can hear.

His idea was to build a sound library of "Singing Telephone Poles".

Please ask everyone you know if they have heard of this and please please please put the url for it here!

I hope it was captured by the wayback machine as the gent could be dead, or have been wisked off planet by Aliens who found his frequency finder screwed up their intergalactic waystation here on earth.

His transducer was a cup with a plastic diaphram perhaps in a tin can, then attached to the pole with string.

Please cross post this request everyplace you can, with link backs to here. I have been searching for his pages for almost 2 years and I think they may be lost forever. Arrghh!

thanks in advance